Gary Daniels, certified Kion and Chek Institute Holistic Life Coach has extensive experience with training extreme athletes and brings personally developed techniques and training tools to bring balance and endurance to the weak links in your musculoskeletal chain. Joint and tendon conditioning, and enhanced breathwork training work together to fill the gaps in your training regimen.

Find your Missing Link

You will achieve better overall health, endurance and longevity with my personal fitness plans.
I will make you focused and in control of your body, enhancing your confidence and self-esteem.
Your mobility and flexibility training will help you condition your joints and ligaments, and prevent injuries.

Let's getHDfit

Contact Gary for one-on-one or group training sessions for anyone ages 8-80.

Breath Focus Training for Sports and Overall Health, Qi Gong, Connective Tissue Conditioning and Rehab,
Reflex and Coordination Drills, and Head-In-The-Game Mindset Coaching.

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