My History

After growing up playing on “little-league” sports teams, Gary became more attracted to individual sports. His love for motorcycles was too strong for school sports, and it led to four years of (part-time) amateur motocross racing beginning at the age of fourteen, training under the guidance of local South Florida pro Paul Eaton. Together Paul and Gary began cross-training at a local karate studio, and they both became just as passionate about karate. Training seven days a week for the next four and a half years (shortly after graduating High School) Gary was accredited with a black-belt in Uechi-Ryu Karate under Joe and Janice Bass.

While still studying Karate, Gary was recruited by a professional boxer to begin training at his local gym, and he began boxing/sparring with high-level amateurs and local professionals. He was attracted to the superior physical conditioning required, including developing the body for taking punishment which was a bonus for motocross. Gary subsequently competed in three consecutive Florida Golden Gloves tournaments, However before the fourth he was involved in a high speed car accident that left him in intensive-care for a week. The injuries were severe enough to force him to hang up the gloves competitively.

Once back to teaching karate, Gary took up weightlifting to fill the need to rebuild and challenge himself physically, and as he became totally immersed in the sport of bodybuilding and began to read as many different publications on the subject as possible. For over thirty years now Gary has been a student of fitness and physiology. With no real desire to become a competitive bodybuilder, he focused primarily on strength, nutrition, and how muscle performed rather than how it looked. But he never outgrew the need for speed. Already cycling to the gym every day, Gary was introduced to bicycle racing by a fitness trainer who was a former racer in Europe, and they began logging miles together until Gary moved out of the state of Fla., and onto California for a while.

gary-medals-2Ending up in Atlanta in 1986, with the help of the tight social network among cyclists, Gary picked up training secrets from both amateurs and pro’s alike. With his motocross background, he was drawn more to the off-road discipline of cross-country mountain biking. Mostly racing off-road, and then a few years later also joining a local road team out of Free Flite Bicycles in Marietta, Ga., Gary was able to mix his career with training and successfully race for ten consecutive seasons with an estimated 200 race starts to his credit with two State championships and a few medals in the Georgia Games amongst his wins.

Gary stopped competing in 2003 and began to focus his energy on helping other athletes achieve their goals. Working primarily with other racers for over ten years, he has now expanded to help anyone interested in self-improvement and brings a wide range of skills such as:

  • Enhanced breathing techniques – Qi Gong
  • Mental focus and balance of a martial artist
  • Certified peak performance training
  • Agility, speed and accuracy
  • Proper strength training form for overall development

Gary has worked with mountain-bike pro Bob Cagle, 2008 IMSA Lites champion Tom Drewer who was seeking to move into the very demanding Le Mans series, and three time former National BMX champ Shan Hatfield, Free Flite Bicycles Masters’ road team, and Next Moto Champion sponsored nationally ranked bicycle racer “Iron” Kirk Corsello.

Gary has also studied Wing-Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Joe Miller (3 ½ years) and Hop Gar Kung Fu under both Grandmaster Simon Ku and Sifu Kurtis Taylor (10 yrs).

USA-Cycling Nationally accredited Level-2 Coach

Accredited Superhuman Coach – Ben Greenfield Fitness


C.H.E.K institute:

  • C.H.E.K Practitioner Level III
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level I

Other training:

  • USA-Cycling Nationally Accredited Level-2 Coach
  • Accredited Superhuman Coach - Ben Greenfield Fitness